Monday, September 12, 2011

For the Sake of Art

I suppose there is nothing special about this photo. But, I like it. I am not even sure why. I spend the better part of my day editing photos....other photographer's photos and I can tell you, and them, all the reasons why I like or do not like a photo.

I shot this photo on assignment last week. I did not submit this as one of my photos for publication. And I think the reason I did not, was I could not figure out exactly why I liked it.

I had a photo instructor tell me once that just because you liked a photo it does not mean that it is good or even appropriate for the assignment or publication you are shooting for. In this case he would have told me if I liked the photo that much, call it art and hang it on my wall.

That was nearly 30 years ago, now I can post it to my blog and call it an object lesson.

I still like it

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Jo Chopra McGowan said...

Wow, I like it too. I would definitely hang it on a wall. It's evocative - makes me think and wonder. It moves. It's vivid and alive.

Go ahead! Frame it! Put on a wall.