Sunday, October 19, 2008

Asking the Trinity for a Little Rest

Day 19 - Photo 19. I'm tired. I need rest. I need it...physically, emotionally and spiritually. I'd forgotten what it was like to tell someone's story. I'd forgotten what it was like to capture someone's image. I've heard stories about cultures who believe photography will steal a person's soul. I never believed that. I still don't. Well, not exactly. Okay, maybe, sort of. When you photograph someone, you're asking them to reveal some part of themselves to the camera. And to you the photographer. So, in a are taking away some part of them. And it comes with a price. Your subject often wants something in return. And you the photographer must give part of you, part of your soul, to tell a story. It's a trade. So, I ask myself , how much am I willing to give. What am I willing to give to tell someone else's story?

Today, I simply could not do it. All I wanted to do was shoot a "pretty picture." I found myself drawn to the day's waning light reflected off of stone and glass. And realized after shooting the photo that the Trinity had played itself off on me. I'm not a particularly religious man. I am a Spiritual man. There are many "trinities" in our lives. What is your trinity? Is it the Father, Son and Spirit? No? The Maiden, Mother and Crone? Maybe, it's that stunning triple play in game 6 at the bottom of the 9th (whoa, look at all those threes) that clinches the World Series. Do celebrities really die in threes? And, please, let us not forget, The Three Stooges? I need look no further than my own three children.

The number 3 has great power. And it played itself on me today. It lured me and seduced me. It wanted something...nothing from me...not really...just a little recognition. All I wanted was a little rest for my body, mind and soul. It was a fair trade.

Thank you, thank you and...yes, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Extraordinary! I'm checking every day to see what is new. Thank you for sharing...

Anonymous said...

In our family, the most verbally recognized trinity is Earth, Air, and Fire although we all believe that many versions of trinities influence our lives. Thank you for bringing them back to the conscious level of my mind.


Rick said...

Cheryl, Oh how could I forget Earth Air and Fire? Thanks for the reminder and thanks for following along.

cheryl21 said...

Rick, I sent this one to one of my "Air" sister. She found it "very profound" and moving.