Saturday, October 11, 2008

From the Light into the Darkness into the Light

Day 11 - Photo 11. Even with the warm glow of the day's fading light, I found this scene a little lonely and the long shadow cast by the shopping cart added a sense of distortion to the reality of the moment. The young man passing through the frame appears to be headed into darkness. While in fact, he is about to re-emerge into the light at the other end of the underpass. Passing through the darkness and distortion is a temporary station in a moment of life. Some people like this young man never seem to give it a second thought and keep moving. What is it that allows some of us to see the light on the other side while others get lost in the darkness?

This photo was inspired by my friend Tony Maher's work, "San Berdu" and "Disposable," and refers to "the valuelessness society holds on its personal effects and the feeling this creates towards not only the environment but to one another as well. What was once held as a personal space or belonging is transformed into an unnatural addition to the land..."

You can view Tony's work by clicking on his name above.


James Carbone said...

Nice use of light, great street shot.

marc c. said...

nice! really!

lots of digi noise.

not that you asked, but...
for noise in the shadows and blue spectrum, try this with the photo:
in photoshop, choose image -> mode -> lab color,
then hit 'apple' 3 ('b' channel) and then choose filter -> noise -> dust and scratches (radius 5 threshold 0)
and then hit 'apple' 2 ('a' channel) and then choose filter -> noise -> dust and scratches (radius 3 threshold 0)
then convert back to rgb.

Rick said...

Thanks Marc. The photoshop skills are a little rusty.

tony said...

when someone you highly respect references your work as a means of inspiration or recognition shows you must have learned something valuable from them. thanks for the nod, love the pic. brings me back to my old days in the slums.