Friday, October 10, 2008

Hands of a Healer

Day 10 - Photo 10. These are the hands of Dr. Karl E. Aamot, a chiropractor. Karl is a healer. He heals with his touch. Karl has treated thousands of people during the past 22 years. In fact, he has treated more than four thousand. With the exception of Kris, his wife, partner, office manager, and assistant, Karl is a one-man show.
I often wonder what happens to the pain, tension and energy released by patients as Karl adjusts them. I imagine, that which people seek to transferred to Karl. Karl is a healer. He is my friend.

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marc c. said...

blistered, weathered, injured working hands. married; family. an organized man, maybe with a taste for things southwestern. open hands, welcoming.
mutual trust.
without the text or title, it still works.