Monday, November 17, 2008

A Consortium of Light

Day 48 - Photo 48. Sometimes a photo is more than the sum of its parts. This evening while sitting in my Chiropractor's office I was joined by son Domenick. We sat close together and shared each other's day in hushed tones. We talked about funny things and softly laughed. We'd both struck relaxed poses in our chairs and stared toward the ceiling. I told him I liked the light and it reminded me of one of Maddy Long's photos. He agreed and said he too liked the light. I sat and made photos and shared them with Domenick and he told me this one was his favorite. He liked the patterns of the Tiffany style lamp, the colors and the way that the shadows played against the ceiling. I must of looked up at this light a dozen times but never saw it the way I did tonight. It was a nice evening...sitting there with Domenick...talking about our day, laughing and watching the light spill over the edges of the lamp and light our small corner of the world for a fraction of the day.

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