Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ode from a Love Seat

Day 49 - Photo 49. So here I am...a perfectly good Love Seat abandoned along side this rural dusty roadway. It seems I simply was not good enough for you anymore? Perhaps my cushions weren't all that comfortable? What about the support I provided for you and your family through the years? I sat right there with you when you found out the two of your were going to have a baby. I am where you curled up, huddled against the cold of the Winter months. And when you came home late, afraid to wake the rest of the family, it was with me you slept. Oh, I understand I am not flesh and blood. I am merely fabric, wood and metal springs. But, it's you I'm concerned about. It's you that I wonder how you could so easily abandoned my simply utilitarian function. You could have given me to friends or family. You could have donated me to a family unable to purchase new furniture. It's no wonder you and the rest of your kind are in trouble. You don't see the worth in holding on to things. It's always, newer, bigger or better. It's not just me, there are more like myself. Some of us are in better condition than others. I still stand a good chance...that along this dusty rural roadway one of your kind we'll see the value in my fabric, wood and metal springs. They'll understand my simply utilitarian function. I will support them. I will wrap myself around them on cold nights. I will give them a place to sleep. And when they are done with me, perhaps they will understand my value. It's not always newer, bigger or better. No wonder all of you are in trouble.

I am a perfectly good Love Seat with worn and tired cushions. But, my frame is strong.


stan said...

Dude, That was deep!

cheryl21 said...

I'm proud to say we are a family of keepers, donaters, find-a-home-for-it people. More so for reading this than before.